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My name is Minoru Yoshie, I am the director of Yoshie dental clinic. Yoshie dental clinic was built in October 1994 in Kita-Yamata, Tsuzuki District. Tsuzuki District's population is about 210000 people with an average age of 39, a very young and lively neighborhood. Around 15000 patients (status as of 2012) were visiting Yoshie dental clinic since its opening 18 years ago. Our philosophy is to offer "most advanced dental treatment options without compromise".

The newest developments in electronic medical devices and medications as well as environmental change also mean developments in dental therapy as a natural consequence. We at Yoshie Dental Clinic don’t want to forget our principle to offer most advanced dental treatment options without compromise. Let's take implants as an example. The top priority should be to preserve natural teeth. If this is no longer a possibility, we will think of a treatment method that is the most suitable and safest for the patient. Because of having over 20 years of professional experience in implants, we at Yoshie Dental clinic are very aware of the importance of preserving natural teeth. Up until now, and in the future, our philosophy "most advanced dental treatment options without compromise" will not change.